25 things about Julie you probably didn’t know (and probably don’t care about):
(I stole the idea of this list from my buddy Jaypoc. He said it was okay.)

1) I almost never watch television, unless it's Star Trek or other SF.

2) I love 19 th century literature, but mostly not 20 th century, unless it's SF.

3) If Viggo Mortensen showed up on my doorstep and said “Come away with me,” I would go without hesitation.

4) I love belly dancing, but am shy about exposing my stomach.

5) I think insects are the coolest things. When everyone else is going, “Ewwww….,” I'm saying, “Wow, look at this cool bug!”

6) I like spiders, too.

7) Just kidding about Viggo, Eric. Um…maybe.

8) I often come off very cool and collected, but really, I'm scared all the time that people will think I'm weird, and too emotional and sensitive.

9) Actually, I AM weird, and too emotional and sensitive.

10) My Uncle, John Moffitt, was a Hindu monk, and a published poet, editor, non-fiction writer and all-around cool guy.

11) When I was about seven, my sister Sally pretended that I killed her, and for about an hour I believed it, and she has never forgiven herself, even though I have forgiven her.

12) I'm really good at Boggle and Spider Solitaire, as well as Star Trek Trivia, but I failed the W.O.M.B.A.T. test.

13) I have read all the Harry Potter books at least five times. I've stopped counting.

14) When I was a teenager, people called me “Spock” because they thought I was so logical. They thought they were insulting me. I was flattered.

15) Speaking of flattered, an old boyfriend (who shall remain unnamed) once said to me disappointedly, “You know, Moffitt, most of the women I know who are tough as nails on the outside turn out to be soft on the inside. You're tough as nails on the inside, too.” Although this is not true (see #9), I took it as a compliment. I, of course, married someone else.

16) I once auditioned for an Elvis tribute band. What can I say? I was insane. And poor. Thank gods they didn't hire me.

17) I still study piano, and my piano teacher is 98. I am not making this up. She is the Yoda of piano.

18) If my email inbox in Microsoft Outlook needs a scrollbar (i.e., I've so much unanswered and unresolved mail that it doesn't fit into the window), I feel like I'm falling behind. I know of no one else like this. Email me if you are.

19) Everyone seems to think that I took lots of drugs when I was younger, ‘cause I've got that whole “hippie” thing going on, but, in fact, I was totally against drugs. Even alcohol. Of course, times change…

20) Also, contrary to popular belief, I am not a vegetarian. (although I do try to minimize my consumption animals “processed” by the industrial machine)

21) I hate shoes. (You probably knew that one.)

22) I sometimes get so obsessed with simplifying my life that I throw away stuff that I wish I hadn't. I wish I still had that novel I wrote in 6 th grade, called The Defeat of the Minigrods. It was a really, really, really bad science fiction story about a race (the Minigrods, from Minigrodia, of course), who came down to earth and took all the technology away, and we had to start from scratch. I would give anything to read that silly story again.

23) I love bagpipes (I'm Scottish), and also have an odd fondness for Klezmer music.

24) I'm really bad at lying. Did you ever play that game “Scruples?” You have to lie about yourself to win. I break out in hives. And lose spectacularly.

25) I do not regret getting older and passing (cough) significant landmarks. So far, life has gotten better every year.

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